5 Developments that Could Advance Mobile Technology

When considering how mobile technology will develop over the next couple of years, it is important to look at the increase in technological innovations currently being made and how this will affect the mobile market. This article will explore the most recent developments in mobile technology and how this will impact our mobile devices, from our wireless networks to the apps that we use on a daily basis.

  • The Miniaturisation of PCBs

The increased amount of miniaturization taking place means that we can carry smaller and thinner mobile devices around with us, improving their transportable nature and their appearance. What’s more, the miniaturization of PCBs can also lead to more wearable technology such as smartwatches and fitness trackers that rely on small and adaptable PCBs to run their electronics. By using professional CAD software free on applications such as Altium, companies will be able to develop their own PCBs, which can be adapted to their product’s purpose, such as flexibility or 3D technology.

  • Voice and Facial Recognition

Voice and facial recognition are also set to change the way that we interact with mobile technology, especially in terms of the way that we search for items. Voice and facial recognition are being developed in voice assistants such as Siri and Cortana to adapt to our needs and ensure that we never have to pick up our phone again, making transactions simple and easy. Facial recognition could also start to advance our use of technology by giving us greater reign over security measures through facial recognition locks and allowing our mobiles to provide us with personalized content for the user.

  • Location-Based Technology

Location-based technology can help to advance how our mobiles choose the content that we interact with and what we are able to view on our smartphones. Most applications now ask for our permission to view our location, and this is used to deliver custom marketing campaigns catered to your location. For instance, apps can share adverts with you for shops or entertainment venues in your area, rather than those that are at a distance and that you would be less likely to visit. This could lead to many more evolutions in the future if this is adapted correctly.

  • The Creation of 5G

5G networks are starting to become available in the USA, and this could revolutionize the way that we use wireless communication. 5G is the fastest and most powerful network ever, and this could mean that we use our mobiles for more and more important activities, such as performing work duties, taking live video chats and conferences, watching whole movies and even playing more powerful games without internet access.

  • Eco-Technology

The miniaturization of solar paneled and other eco-friendly technology could lead to innovative mobile developments in the future. Solar chargers for mobile phones are already being phased in in 2019. However, studies are already looking to adapt mobile phones for eco-charging through solar panels that could help people who work outdoors or who fail to carry around a portable charger still use their mobiles as long as they can access sunlight.

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