How to get noticed on social media

Here’s how to get noticed, and there are just two parts:

Sharing and Complimenting:

  • Link to their blog posts from within your blog posts. If you do this regularly, they’ll start to take notice.
  • Tweet their blog posts with new, witty headlines or a short review. (Let them know you’ve done this by tagging them in your Tweet.)
  • Retweet and favorite their tweets. Very few people favorite tweets, so if you do this regularly, you will stand out.
  • Tag them in your Facebook updates. This has the added bonus of getting more eyeballs on your update, as your update will show up to their fans as well as your fans.
Social Solutions SA Sharing and Complimenting
Social Solutions SA Thank You

Say Thank You:

  • Comment on their blog posts. Thank them for what they’ve written, and add value with your own insight on the blog post’s topic.
  • When you find their tweets or Facebook updates helpful, funny or inspiring, hit reply and send a thank you note.
  • Advanced tactic, Write them an email to say thank you for their work. Keep it short, but give specific examples of how they’ve helped you. To encourage them to reply, include a question about their work that’s easy to answer.
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