How to set up email in OS X Yosemite Mail







NEW: Try our Auto Configuration app to set up your new Apple or Mac Mail account ⇒ here

Alternatively, follow this tutorial to manually set up your mail account:

This guide takes you step-by-step through the process of setting up a new email account in OS X Yosemite Mail.

Note: This guide defaults to IMAP and No SSL.  Alternatively, you can set up your new email account with SSL.

Replace with your domain name

Check your password

  • First, check your password by browsing to Webmail and trying to log in. If you aren’t able to log in, then you have the incorrect password. Contact your Web Administrator.

Add a new email account

  1. Launch Mail.
  2. From the toolbar at the top, select Mail and then Add Account…

    Other Mail Account

  3. Select Other Mail Account…

    Add a Mail Account

  4. Enter your details
    • Name (which will appear in the ‘From’ field when you send emails)
    • Email Address
    • Password  (Forgotten passwords – Contact your Web Administrator)
    • Create


    Manually Configure Mail Account

  5. The following message will appear Account must be manually configured as shown below, click Next.

    Incoming Mail Server Info

  6. Enter these details:
    • Account Type – IMAP or POP, though IMAP is the default
    • Mail Server is mail. (your domain name) or IP Address
    • User Name is the full email address
    • Password is the mailbox password (forgotten passwords – Contact your Web Administrator )
    • Next


    Verify Security Certificate for Incoming Server

  7. Ignore the server identity message > Connect♦ You can add the certificate to your trust settings to avoid seeing this message in the future.server-error

    Outgoing Mail Server Info

  8. Check the following settings:
    • SMTP Server starts with SMTP or IP Address
    • User Name is the full email address
    • Password is the same mailbox password as above (forgotten passwords – Contact your Web Administrator )
    • Create


    Verify Security Certificate for Outgoing server

  9. You will now need to verify the security certificate for the outgoing server by selecting Connect. Your Mail account is now set up. You will see your new account in the list with any other mail accounts. However, to avoid any future issues, continue with these few tweaks:

    Further settings:

  10. From the top menu choose Mail > Preferences…

    Account Information

  11. Choose your new account from the list on the left. On the Account Information tab click the drop-down arrow on Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), and choose Edit SMTP Server Listyosemite-account-info

    SMTP settings

  12. Choose the relevant account from the list, choose the Advanced tab, and ensure that:
    • Automatically detect and maintain account settings is not ticked
    • Port is 587
    • Use SSL is not ticked
    • Authentication is Password
    • Allow insecure authentication is ticked
    • User Name is the full email address
    • > OK

    Incoming Server settings

  13. Back on the Accounts screen, choose the Advanced tab and ensure that the Incoming Server settings are correct, specifically:
    • Automatically detect and maintain account settings is not ticked
    • Port 143 for IMAP (110 for POP)
    • Use SSL is not ticked
    • Authentication: Password
    • Allow insecure authentication is ticked

    mac-accounts advanced


  14. Close by clicking outside of that screen & Save settings when prompted.

    You have completed your account setup.

    Your Mac mail program should now be set up to send and receive mail.