Integration Nation: 5 Tips for Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing

Email marketing is dead and social media marketing is taking over. Right?

Well, not exactly. While social media marketing is the future, email marketing still drives lots of successes.

Email has a more powerful ROI than you might think. Jeff Bullas explains that for every $1 you spend on your email marketing campaign, you earn $38.

What about social media marketing? Even though major social media platforms such as Facebook attract a huge following, you shouldn’t focus all your marketing dollars on social media.

But should you only concern yourself with email marketing? No — instead, you can combine your social media and email marketing efforts.

Here are 5 tips to know.

1. Invite Your Social Media Followers to Your Email Community

Notice how the headline says “email community” and not something standard such as “email newsletter”?

If your followers see “newsletter,” the first thought that pops in their mind is “spam.” But if you say “community,” this gives them the idea of a club.

You’ll not only receive email marketing results but will further entice your social media followers.

2. Get Emails From Your Social Media Followers

Every social media user needs an email address to sign up.

Did you know you can get their email addresses by searching your social media followers? And social media platforms make this easy. They offer a way to upload your social media followers to your inbox.

This not only expands your email marketing list but can help you create a personable campaign to each of your subscribers.

3. Enable Social Sharing on Your Emails

Jeff Bullas also tells us that less than 20% of customers share email marketing messages on their social media accounts.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Enabling your email newsletters for social sharing will help increase your audience, opening up the opportunity to gain more email subscribers.

What kind of email content will attract social shares? Make sure it’s informational.

Interesting facts and even opinion content on a specific niche will help engage your email subscribers.

4. Create a Facebook Group and Promote Your Email Newsletter

Are you trying to find a way to increase your brand’s transparency while still improving your social media marketing? A Facebook group will help you communicate with customers better while you can promote your brand.

A Facebook group is also a great way to promote your email newsletter.

Entice your followers further with a message such as, “are you not receiving notifications about our deals on this group? Sign up for our newsletter and our deals will be sent directly to you!”

5. Integrate Your Platforms

What if you use separate social media and email marketing platforms?

You can sync them for best results. You can achieve this with a system such as PieSync.

Combine Your Social Media and Email Marketing Efforts Today

Social media and email marketing are integral marketing strategies. To streamline both processes, sync them for best results.

Are you looking for other ways to simplify your social media marketing?

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