What’s in a Blog?

Blogging is a great way to guide your client through the 4 stages of building your brand:

Introduction, Recognition, Insistence and Advocacy

By creating and maintaining a blog you establish yourself as THE authority in your field, the go-to-guy when it comes to solutions. This in turn creates trust, which builds the type of relationship with your clients where they will actively insist on using only you or your product. And also tell their friends about you.

But doing this takes a significant commitment from you, and as a business owner this is not always feasible to do. We are willing to take the time to create or maintain a blog for you. We can either regularly make sure that given content is published, or write it on your behalf.

We also make sure that all blog posts get shared and posted to your different Social Media platforms where your client base will have easy access to it.We are ready to take on that commitment for you!

Introduction | Recognition | Insistence | Advocacy



Tech Support Only

4 Posts per month

You send all content, we only upload posts for you

Semi-Manual Support

4 Posts per month

You send the info, we compile, edit and post it

Full Support

4 Posts per month

We research, edit and compile the post for you

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