Domain = plot of land

Buying a domain is similar to buying a plot of land. It belongs to you, but doesn’t have anything on it yet. It is still an empty space! Domain registration needs to be paid annually to keep the domain name as yours.

Hosting Packages = postbox vs space to build

– email: A small hosting package on your domain will enable you to send and receive emails from your account. These packages are usually cheap, but also very limited in the space you get, just like an actual postbox.

– website: To be able to build a website on your domain you need to upgrade your package’s space to incorporate the actual website content and handle traffic.

* both types of hosting fees are monthly, but we suggest you pay

for the year upfront and only think about it again in 12 months!

Website = online version of your physical business

We believe that your website needs to be a representation of your physical business that is easy to find and access by customers. A website is an easy way for you to introduce your customers to your product, much like brochures used to do.

It should work like a salesperson when you aren’t around to make sales yourself!

E-Commerce = online shopping

E-Commerce is an add-on (plugin) on your website that enables customers to buy directly from you online. This is where your website really starts to work as a physical shopping experience for your clients. You can have specials, competitions and featured items, much like there would be in an actual Convenience Store!

SSL Certificate = A guard to keep your clients safe

When you incorporate a payment system onto your E-Commerce site you need to add an SSL

Security Certificate to your domain. This will keep hackers at bay and make sure that your clients’ credit card details are safe and do not get stolen from your site.

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