The Importance of Social Media Marketing

The world of marketing is changing, and you need to keep up!

Social Media puts you right in the pocket of your potential client, literally! With the combination of smartphones and Social Media platforms marketing has never been more effective. You are finally able to convey your message to the correct person directly.

Unfortunately for most business owners the task of getting to know all the platforms and figuring out how to market effectively is a massive headache.

And that is where we come in…

We will help to assess your needs and marketing goals to decide which platforms will suit your business the best. We will slog through the ins and outs of picking the right platform and figure out how to speak to your potential clients.

You will also be able to get professional help when the platforms change – as they sometimes do overnight. We will keep up to date and make sure that your brand stays relevant.


Posts per week

Post On Website

Word Count

Share To Groups
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First response answering of messages and comments

Monitoring of page to screen negative/bad comments, messages and reviews

Monitoring of post reach and response to better market your brand

Report of Page reach and feedback once a month

Analysis of report to support marketing strategy

Monthly Art Work For Social Banner



± 100 - 300 characters per post



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