Website Development

The purpose of any website is to drive traffic and sales to your business. This makes it key to doing it the right way from the start. The “traditional” way is to build a website – which is basically just a glorified brochure – buy some expensive adwords and hope for the best!

We don’t want to give you traditional results, we want to give you exceptional. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has changed and so should your strategy.

SEO does take time and effort to implement strategically, no matter how you look at it. There is no magic button to put you on the front page of Google, but there are ways to stay competitive in a rapidly changing and fluid playing field.

We always strive to stay as updated as humanly possible when it comes to technology and trends, especially since the trends on the internet can change within days. The biggest point at the moment is to ensure that you are Mobile Friendly. Google’s search algorithm counts mobile responsiveness as one of its biggest factors to determine your ranking.

This makes it crucial for you to ensure that your site is updated, this will immediately give you an edge over competitors who are too stubborn to change.

Is your site mobile friendly?

Take advantage of literally being in your client’s pocket!

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