The 5 Best Student Engagement Apps For 2019

From outlawing mobile phones in class to fully embracing them, the student engagement app revolution couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Today, it is no longer illegal for students to bring smartphones to school. In fact, if anything, it’s mandatory in some institutions that every student comes to school with one.

With their gadgets fully powered on, students of today seemingly don’t have to put up with boring afternoon lectures anymore. They don’t even have an excuse for not getting a better grasp of a particular math calculation or a chemical equation. Class sessions are lively and a lot more interactive than before, while the horizons of learning environment have been expanded.

Need to download and install the best educational apps on your school-going kid’s phone?

From this bevy of student engagement apps though, not all of them are the best to recreate an exciting classroom-like experience. Some don’t activate better engagement between teachers and students or offer that perfect learning experience intended by the teacher. If you aren’t sure about the kind of engagement apps on your child’s phone, don’t worry at all. We’ve rounded up a list of the best apps for teachers and educators for your selection.

Let’s check them out!

  • TED

You probably know TED as a resource filled with tons of inspirational TED talks and much-admired short videos of thought leaders expounding on a plethora of topics. But in school today, TED has a whole new meaning.

Presented as an Android and iOS app, TED is an incredible resource that is rapidly changing the way teachers and students engage. Basically, this app is altering the conventional education system across the world while enriching student engagements. Thousands of teachers now refer to the intriguing lecture sessions on TED to help students understand a particular aspect better.

One of the best things with TED is how massive its list of videos is. It has a clip of almost everything, expertly presented and the subject matter expounded well. It is a perfect accomplice to teachers, especially with its interactive and knowledge-rich lessons.

  • Pocket

In the past, it was almost impossible for a teacher to refer to online articles, journals, and any resource without tagging along with a laptop to class. For many of them, it was cumbersome always to carry a laptop to class, power it on, and start referring to it when giving a lecture.

Today though, teachers can comfortably refer to content online and even share the same to the student without enduring lots of hassles. With Pocket, a sleek and intuitive app that’s available in both Android and iOS versions, tutors and lecturers are free to refer to anything available online.

This app allows a teacher to view whatever they had saved offline in class. Any material the teacher had researched and saved before coming to class is made available to everyone. And that simply means, even the hard, complex subjects that would demand a bit of expert information online are easily debunked in class.

  • Educreations

From Educreations, a vibrant community of expert educators in almost every high school and college topic and students willing to learn is a dedicated iOS under the same name. Educreations app is an interactive whiteboard app that gives the learner an experience like no other.

On this app, teacher-student engagement is on another level. First, Teachers log in and present lessons that are well-articulated and easy to understand as per the age of the student. Every single experience is exciting as it is presented engagingly and descriptively. As for tutorials, they are well explained and structured in such a way that the student gets everything with ease.

Teachers record audio lessons and accompany them with diagrams and instructions for easy student understanding. They will then share videos via email, Facebook, and Twitter. In the end, the student will have understood the topic better.

The only notable problem with Educreations is the fact that it is available on iOS only. If its developers create another version for Android devices, millions of students will undoubtedly benefit.

  • Khan Academy

When it comes to listing down the best engagement apps for college students in 2019, the list understandably is quite huge. But out of this extensive list, it is quite hard to find an interactive learning app that could possibly rival Khan Academy.

Khan Academy itself is a hub of all-things learning. It is a non-profit educational platform where knowledge-hungry students of every level, can benefit by studying the many resources there, including lots of free supplementary practice exercises.

On the app, a student can quickly learn anything on his or her own, without paying a dime. What is even more exciting with the Khan Academy app is the 4,300+ free video lessons on pretty much every topic under the sun. You get to understand everything, from Math, Science, and Economics to the technical disciplines like coding, on your own.

Khan Academy app is available for free and can be downloaded by both iOS and Android device users. It isn’t precisely like Coursera, Exlibris student engagement app, Udemy, or any other educational app, given its 5-star EAS Certification and the EAS Recommended status.

  • Kahoot

The list of the best student engagement apps couldn’t end without the legendary Kahoot app, which often turns almost every boring topic into an exciting one. Mostly used by teachers to motivate learners and rally them into grasping a complex idea in class, Kahoot is highly rated by many.

With this app, teachers not only make learning fun and interactive, but also present questions and solutions in an easy manner. The students will then use it as a buzzer for solving the puzzles while enjoying every bit of the virtual classroom experience.

Final thoughts

By using an engaging mobile apps developers, the student quickly gets to understand the topic. Most of these apps also ensure that learning never ends in class, but instead, continues even when the student is alone. You can additionally download and install Doceri (iOS), Slack, and Seesaw apps as they also deliver a near-similar experience.

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