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Graphic Design & Brand Development

Building a connection between customers and a company, service or product; establishing a brand that customers trust.

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Graphic Design &
Brand Development

You have found this site and you will be introduced to a magical world, a world filled with wonder and mystery beyond imagination. A world where a select few can make a brand come alive, shape it as an entity and make it soar on marketing wings, pinions of branding reaching to the heavens…

That is the world of Brand Management.

Logo Development

Your logo is the public face of your business, and as cliché as it sounds you only get one chance to make a first impression. Customers WILL make a decision based on how professional you present yourself and your business in a matter of seconds. That is why it is absolutely crucial to take the effort to create something that will accurately display your business at a glance.

Brand Development

A properly designed logo and consistent brand will:

  • Create a strong, favorable first impression
  • Instill credibility and trust in your brand
  • Immediate brand message (professionalism/ funky etc)
  • Speak to your target market
  • Connect with clients on an emotional level

Branded Marketing Material

As a business you want clients to instantly recognise you, no matter where they find your content.

Instill a sense of professionalism and trust across all your marketing platforms for your brand to shine!

Where does the story begin?

It begins with a consultation where we will try and establish as much as possible from what you want out of your brand. What is the “voice” of your brand, how do you want it to come across to your clients. Who are your clients? What is your target market and what are their needs. How to cater the brand to those needs… The list goes on…

Then we will turn to the drawing board, and if the client doesn’t have something definite in mind, we will turn to old fashioned pencil and paper and start drawing various concepts to see what works. The best of those will be sent as proofs, and through a process of elimination we will get to a logo that works for you. (I have simplified the process a lot so as not to bore you out of reading the rest) When the logo is in place we can start to apply it all the various elements of your CI (Corporate Identity). This will include your stationery, advertising, indoor and outdoor signage and branding on things like vehicles and clothes.


How do we create this wondrous mythical beast that is your brand? Many people have fallen into the pitfalls that surround our craft – providers that give themselves out to be “graphic designers” just because they know a bit of Photoshop and give clients terrible advice, for one. That has turned successful brand management into an ever elusive concept, with clients blindly stumbling forward into a maze of bad decisions and money wasted.


Your brand will also be integrated into your Social Media and Web Development. This will ensure that clients will get the same brand speaking to them across all platforms, building trust and relationships for your company in the hearts of the community. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is brand management in a nutshell. To help your product / service / company go from an abstract concept to a living persona in the subconscious minds of your clients. A living entity that they can identify and build a relationship with.

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