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Web Development & Digital Point of Sale

Building a connection between customers and a company, service or product; establishing a brand that customers trust.

Today is your lucky day!


Web Development &
Digital Point of Sale

We strive to stay at the forefront of technology and shifting marketing trends to do your online marketing. By integrating our knowledge of optimal web development and using new platforms in social media, that’s how!

That might be saying it a little too abbreviated, so how about we go into it a bit more in-depth…

Silent Salesman

Your website is an online representation of you, and as such should be able to function as a 24/7 sales person in your business.

How does a client interact with your site?
Are they able to find the necessary answers to make them trust you?


Do you need added functionality other than just a normal “catalogue” of your products or services?

Let us know what your customer journey looks like that we can replicate it online and use your site to it’s full potential.

Digital Point of Sale

Create an easy-to-use digital shop where you can meet your clients’ needs without lifting a finger!

E-Commerce doesn’t have to be scary or complicated, let us assist you in creating an online sales portal of note.

To begin

When we start to work on your website a whole process is in place to make sure that all the info gets used to your company’s best advantage. We start by arranging your web content to showcase what is unique about you.

The internet is all about the brightest little star in your field, we want you to shine like the sun compared to your competition!

Where you fit

When we have found your niche, everything gets tailored to showcase this aspect(s) of your business to generate the most interest in your brand (this is where brand management slots in, by the way). Now we that we’ve picked a direction, we can start to build your site. One of the biggest considerations will be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). That is making sure that search engines find you easily and give you a higher ranking when displaying search results. Another is making sure that your site is 100% platform responsive to whatever medium is used to view it. With cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers and new mediums coming out every day, it is imperative that you – and your site – stay up to date with the newest innovations. (On a side note, keep in mind that you might have to redesign your site in a few years, don’t get stuck using old and dated technology)

Easy Navigation

Make sure your site is easy to use and navigation is to the point. Don’t confuse and frustrate customers with endless / useless links. Have a clear sitemap and roadside assistance like “breadcrumbs” to help out the souls who do manage to get lost! “Annoy a customer and you’ve lost him for life” – make the visit to your site a pleasant experience, cater to the customer’s needs and see your conversions rise. We also offer professional web development services for items like interactive submission forms, site security, login and password coding and E-commerce. So we won’t just make your site look pretty, we know enough to make it a fully functional selling machine! Now these points are only a few of the elements that we use to make sure that you get the most out of your web-space when we have everything up and running.

Where do we go from here?

Creating your website is not the end of the journey, in fact, it is just the beginning. Now we have put in place a platform – together with your brand management and social media – to create your brand’s presence and get to interacting with your clientele.

Luckily for you we have already thought of that, and have different maintenance contracts for you to choose from to cater to your specific needs. These give you a combination of on-going website updates, social media management and site reports and statistics to continually monitor the traffic and response to your newly created website!

Building your website should not be the end-goal to your online marketing campaign. It should be seen as a tool, not a product, something to use continually to keep your online presence in the mind of the consumer.

Call us today and let us guide you every step of the way!


We specialise in WordPress as the core building tool.

No we don’t use templates for layout, each site is custom built according to the client’s content and brand specifications.

Why do you have a WordPress Theme?

We use a theme to handle the (coding) heavy lifting, such as mobile responsiveness and browser compatibility.

We also use some of the pre-built demo’s to help us establish what a client likes in our pre-planning phase, which makes it easier to give a custom product on the first go!

Ready to get a better solution for your business?

With modern technology and remote working systems due Covid19 Pandemic we can assist you no matter where in the world you are or what time zone you are in.