Terms and Conditions:

IMS (Individualised Marketing Strategy) Session: 
1.1. Professional analysis of your business to determine your Unique Selling Proposition
1.2. Meeting / appointment in person or via Skype (if necessary)
1.3. Mock-up / planning of content  for website
1.4. Search for correct templates to work from

Logo Development:
2.1. Logo Development – research + up to 4 options to choose from
2.2. Up to 4 comprehensive proofs to finalise.
2.3. CI only to start after approval of logo
2.4. Initial look and feel to be decided on business card and email signature or letterhead
2.5. Rest of CI elements to follow after approval of first 2 designs.

Website Development:
3.1. Start of website dependent on finalisation of content and template.
3.2. Client to supply all relevant content / pictures to be used.
3.3. Page size – maximum 2x A4 page in Word, Calibri 10 points, 1,5 spacing.
3.4. Front end development only:  ~ Lay-out of content
~ Metatags / keywords
~ SEO Starter Pack
~ Blogs – basic structural development ( if more than one category)
~ basic contact forms + Google map
~ application of company CI to site
~ fully functional navigation
3.5. Does not include:  * major coding / structural changes to the template
* database development
* data capturing software
* e-commerce

Social Media, Blogging and Website Maintenance:
1. General:
1.1. Social Solutions reserves the right to refuse to post content that is offensive to any race, religion or culture.
1.2. Social Solutions will also not do any posts that do not comply with standard advertising procedures and laws.
1.3. Payment for each month’s fee is payable upfront. No work will commence until payment is received.
1.4. Fees are non-refundable, all work will be done until the end of the agreed contract period.
1.5. Month-to-Month contracts to be cancelled no later than the 15th of any given month for the following month.
1.6. Confidentiality agreement: Social Solutions will not give out any content relating to promotional materials, marketing strategies or any other form of information to a clients’ direct competitor.
1.7. The Client’s signature on the quotation form will be taken as the agreement between the Client and Social Solutions for the agreed upon work to be started.

  1. Social Media Maintenance:
    2.1. Maximum 10 photos per post to be uploaded.
    2.2. Minimum of three posts per week – includes a cover picture, text and link to your website.
    2.3. Photos / Information of your business – New photos and information must be sent on a regular basis to be posted by Social Solutions, as well as any new products, achievements, projects, personnel etc.
  2. Blog Maintenance:
    3.1. Maximum of 1 blog post per week.
    3.2. Includes research into the relevant topic, creative writing, editing and cover pic on the post.
    3.3. Blog post will be shared to client’s related Social Media platforms.